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Indulge in high-quality scented candles at Unique Candles in Søborg. We offer soy, coconut wax, and natural beeswax candles.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes your candles different?

We specialize in high-quality scented candles, offering a variety of wax options including soy, coconut, and natural beeswax.

Do you have any unscented candles available?

Yes, we offer unscented high-quality candles for those who prefer a simple yet elegant touch in their space.

Are your candles eco-friendly?

Absolutely! Our candles are made from natural beeswax sourced directly from the province of Lithuania, ensuring sustainability and quality.

Can I find unique candle designs in your shop?

Yes, along with our high-quality scented candles, we take pride in offering unique and captivating designs to enhance your decor.

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